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"It's hard to soar with the eagles when you're
surrounded by turkeys."

- Frank Bruning - 

Bruning Farms is a fourth generation family farm that raises registered Angus and commercial cattle, calving both in the spring and fall.  Our goal is to develop functional cattle that thrive in every aspect of the market. Although we initially focus on maternal traits, it is important to us that the end product is desirable beef of the highest quality. Our operation allows us to see each calf crop from conception to carcass, helping us dial in on performance and provide the relevant genetics that are essential for progressive cattlemen. 


Artificial insemination, embryo transfer, tissue sampling and genomically enhanced EPDs aren't just buzz word technologies but basic management processes we use every breeding season to maximize the genetic progression and uniformity of our herd. ​In doing so, we hope to positively impact our customer's operations so as an industry we can progressively breed for better beef. 




Reiss Bruning | 402-768-3332


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